Re: Apache Module (Xalan?)

Subject: Re: Apache Module (Xalan?)
From: "Jon Smirl" <jonsmirl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 22:08:06 -0400
To: <xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> MSXML3 sure is much faster than that!!!

Have you benchmarked MSXML3 versus the C version of Xalan? My times are for
a complete round trip though an HTTP server including the page transform.
XSL is just part of the equation, there's a SQL server involved too. I'm
also still undecided about the impact of having three processes (Apache, app
server (JServ/XT/XP), dbengine) vs a single process scheme.

Has anyone done any pure benchmarks of just a cached XSLT transform on
MSXML3 vs Xalan?

Jon Smirl

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