RE: page numbers and fo

Subject: RE: page numbers and fo
From: "Pawson, David" <DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 13:45:01 +0100
FO connected. Please delete :-)

>Of course, don't bother to try the above in FOP or XEP, cos they don't
>implement this version of the language :-}

so this is to the latest wd. OK.

I've cut the content for Tony's sake.

1. master-name="first1" appears as a master reference
  without a page-master. Ditto right1 left1.
  I'm Confused

2. region xsl-region-before-first seems orphaned.
   Is it necessary, even if defined empty? 
    What part of the stylesheet says its needed.
   ditto xsl-region-after-first.
3. The repeatable-page-master-alternatives,
   Guess this is Mar00?  And the conditionality
    is specified by first / odd / even. (what happens
    when the first page is odd :-)  OK OK.
4. Its nice to see the flow names cross referencing to
    region names. That simply does not make sense in
   the 1999 version! 
4. Master-name="oneside1 appears redundant for the 
   example Sebastian.
5. *WHY* does fo:flow need the flow-name. Its bloody
6. The static contents region-before-first and region-after-first
   appear redundant for this page-sequence.

How about creating another page sequence which uses them?

Silly one, but as an example it may have been helpful
to actually point out that content goes riiiiiiight at the 
end, in that insignificant element named fo:flow.

Thanks Sebastian. 

Very helpful.

Regards, DaveP

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