RE: page numbers and fo

Subject: RE: page numbers and fo
From: Sebastian Rahtz <sebastian.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 14:13:33 +0100 (BST)
Pawson, David writes:
 > so this is to the latest wd. OK.

_My interpretation_ of the latest WD!

 > 1. master-name="first1" appears as a master reference
 >   without a page-master. Ditto right1 left1.
 >   I'm Confused

did I screw up? i cut from

 > 2. region xsl-region-before-first seems orphaned.
 >    Is it necessary, even if defined empty? 
 >     What part of the stylesheet says its needed.
 >    ditto xsl-region-after-first.

hmm. I guess they  are not necessary, no. I was just being explicit.

 > 3. The repeatable-page-master-alternatives,
 >    Guess this is Mar00?  

 > 4. Master-name="oneside1 appears redundant for the 
 >    example Sebastian.
yup. there is even more in the full file. i generate it all anyway in
my TEI stylesheets

 > 5. *WHY* does fo:flow need the flow-name. Its bloody
 >    confusing.
because you may also flow into the region-after and the region-before,
and places that like

 > 6. The static contents region-before-first and region-after-first
 >    appear redundant for this page-sequence.
now I have forgotten what I wrote. probaby better to refer to the full
example. and see,
which is actually rather clearer, where I create the monsters.

 > How about creating another page sequence which uses them?
I should make a real complete example showing all the
possibilities. life is too short sometimes. I did satisfy myself
(by staring at log files)  that my implementation worked 
for most simple scenarios and then fell asleep.

 > Silly one, but as an example it may have been helpful
 > to actually point out that content goes riiiiiiight at the 
 > end, in that insignificant element named fo:flow.

right. it takes a long time before you get to write anything!


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