RE: XSLT and databases

Subject: RE: XSLT and databases
From: "Paulo Gaspar" <Paulo.Gaspar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 16:34:12 +0200
This is great news. 


> All you can conclude is that the plans are not known
> to this particular developer.

The developer I talked with was a Text Information expert. He gave
very useful information on specific text storage/retireval issues
but was a bit lost with XML.

However, it is quite strange that he was not made aware of XML 
issues. And when I talked on XML, everybody else from that Oracle
team pointed me in his direction and he was still a bit lost.

I know these things happen. I am just telling you this so that you
can push a bit more of XML awareness into the iDevelop teams that
present Intermedia because it looks like one of the candidate tools
to index XML data.

They ARE supposed to know those plans.

Have fun,


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| However, one of the guys from the Oracle Intermedia team
| I talked with today, wasn't even familiar with XPath.

interMedia Text supports powerful full text searching,
in addition to its new XML-structure-sensitive searching
that was introduced in Oracle8i. It does not today support
an XPath syntax for pattern matching, but rather the 
SQL-centric CONTAINS() syntax. Where you might use an XPath
predicate like:


in XPath, interMedia supports the predicate:

           'Clinton within C within B within A')

The CONTAINS(item,'search pattern') syntax is a SQL-centric
standard. Since it's SQL that means developers can combine 
any traditional SQL query predicate with searches over XML
document fragments as well in the same query.

| Even so, XPath seems to be far from the plans of this team. 

All you can conclude is that the plans are not known
to this particular developer. We've demoed publically
our prototype XPath query support over relational database
contents, and have work well underway to unify XPath 
queryability over both tables and document fragment contents, 
so the moral of the story is please "stay tuned".

| I am not saying that one should directly use XPath to get the
| nodes but yes that XPath could be used in a "WHERE"
| clause of a SQL statement to help expressing the selection
| of the documents containing nodes matching a XPath
| expression. That would be similar to the current syntax,
| althought XPath is shorter, more powerful and familiar
| to "XML developers".

Again, please "stay tuned".
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