RE: Loading Remote XML.

Subject: RE: Loading Remote XML.
From: paulo.gaspar@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 09:31:10 -0700
Last minute news:
FINALLY M$ released a server to server capable HTTP
component. It is included with the "SOAP Toolkit for Visual
Studio 6.0" which you can dowload from:
...and it includes source code.

The component name is "WireTransfer".

Heve fun,


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"Roland Dunn" <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote on 
Mon, 5 Jun 2000 13:49:12 +0100
Truly unbelievable that one has to resort to 3rd party plugin
for something
so basic, but the ASPTear 1.0 one seems to be free and do the
job, so fine
with me.

Thanks v.much,

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Subject: Re: Loading Remote XML.

Yep -
there are a load of problems doing this on the server.
Use something like ASPTear (?), ActiveXML (
ASPHTTP( to get the remote URL and then load
it into the
DOM on the server.

There is a KB on the MS Site. It works OK on the client, but
not server !


Steven Livingstone
Glasgow, Scotland.
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From: Roland Dunn <roland@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Loading Remote XML.

> Hi,
> Has anyone tried using .load on the MSXML DOM and tried to
load a remote
> file?
> Particularly on 2000 using IIS5? If I try to do the following
in an ASP
> I get the following error details:
> Set xmlObj = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
> xmlObj.async=False
> xmlObj.Load("";)
> If xmlObj.parseError.errorCode <> 0 Then
> ' This produces the following error details.
> ' Error code: -2146697209
> ' Reason: "No data is available for the requested resource."
Eh ?
> End If
> I know that the XML source is valid and well-formed. I also
get the same
> error with the most simple XML files.
> Any clues anyone?
> Cheers Roland.
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