AS-IS Output in XSL

Subject: AS-IS Output in XSL
From: zuzmi@xxxxxxxxxxx (Z. Uzmi)
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 08:33:56 -0700

I am trying to do an XLS Transformation and in the output file I want a
non-closing tag to appear as follows:

<!DOCTYPE something something_else_but_not_an_attribute blah blah>

Note that I do not want the "/" at the end of the tag, otherwise my viewer
would complain. How can I make the XSLT to just spit out this non-closing
tag at a particular place in the output? When I tried writing it in the
stylesheet, the Xalan-J complained about the XSL not being well-formed. I
tried putting a "/" at the end of tag but Xalan-J still complains about the
attributes containing no value. Most likely, other XSLT Engines would give a
similar behavior. Any solutions will be appreciated. Thanks,


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