RE: AS-IS Output in XSL

Subject: RE: AS-IS Output in XSL
From: "DuCharme, Robert" <Robert.DuCharme@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 13:24:14 -0400
>From XSL file's point of view (which I am assuming is being parsed by DOM
>SAX parser), anything between angle brackets is "considered" a tag and
>a closing tag, or a slash at the end.

Wrong. Tags delimit a document's elements and document type declarations
describe (or point to a description of) the upcoming document. XSL doesn't
even know about document type declarations, because a parser hands it the
result of parsing the document, which does not include the document type
declaration that precedes the document. 

See also processing instructions and element type, attribute list, entity,
and notation declarations, all of  which are between angle brackets but none
of which are "considered" tags. 

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