RE: differentiation between text() and entities???

Subject: RE: differentiation between text() and entities???
From: zuzmi@xxxxxxxxxxx (Z. Uzmi)
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 16:09:22 -0700
I tried using DOM instead of DTM but now the entities are just eliminated.
For example,

If the input contains "some text©other text"

then I ONLY get "some textother text" as the output?

Any workaround to get "some text©other text" as the output???

Interestingly and surprisingly, if I match on html tag and write html tag to
the output, I get the desired result but I really don't want to write the
output enclosed between <html> and </html>. I am unable to get a good
explanation of this behavior.

Example (note: input file is html):
Following works for me.
<xsl:template match="html">

But the following does not.
<xsl:template match="html">

in either case, i am doing <xsl:value-of select="text()"/> to display the
text. In the first case I get "some text&copy;other text" while in the
latter case I get "some textother text".

How does the processor know what is going to be at the output?????


> 3>[My problem is] Only that XSLT is considering that text ends
> 3>before &nbsp starts, and then considers &nbsp another text
> 3>segment and whatever follows &nbsp as yet
> 3>another text segment.
> This is a known bug in Xalan's DTM. Use the DOM to avoid it.
> .................David Marston
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