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Subject: Re: XML/XSL courses
From: "G. Ken Holman" <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 03:37:23 -0400
At 00/06/19 09:32 +1000, James Robertson wrote:
At 17:15 18/06/2000, G. Ken Holman wrote:

At 00/06/13 18:01 +0100, niall.odonnell@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I am enquiring about advanced courses in XML and in particular in XSL. Any
information regarding any of these course would be greatly appreciated.

We deliver a two-day hands-on course that overviews every element and attribute of XSLT. See for a syllabus of the course. We have delivered this privately to companies in house, as well as publicly at conferences.

A number of vendors and training organizations have licensed the delivery of this XSLT/XPath course. See for a list of companies currently licensing the material on a non-exclusive basis.
So what country is this training
conducted in?

We don't (yet) have any licensees in Australia, James. A couple of companies there are aware of what we offer but they are waiting for demand before deciding between using our stuff or developing their own materials.

You may wish to contact Steve Ball <Steve.Ball@xxxxxxxxx> of Zveno in Australia, as I pitched my course to him but I think he has decided to develop his own training course in this area rather than use our work. You may find he already has something you can use.

The world is a big place ...

Our materials are currently being licensed by companies in the U.K., Belgium, Tokyo, and the U.S., so it is getting around ... keep an eye on our schedule page for that list to increase as a number of companies I met at the XML conference last week expressed an interest in delivering the material. There are no territorial limits so any of our licensees can deliver anywhere.

If there is enough demand in Australia for my course, I can pass this information on to my potential licensees ... anyone interested in Australia can just send me a short note privately (watch for the mail list reply address automatically changing!) and I will let the companies know there really is interest.

Thanks for asking, James!

................. Ken

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