Re: Saxon Frustrations

Subject: Re: Saxon Frustrations
From: AndrewWatt2000@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 13:14:02 EDT
In a message dated 21/06/00 18:05:10 GMT Daylight Time, Paul_Dick@xxxxxxxxx 

> Were you using Instant Saxon, or the full blown Saxon?  I've had similar
>  troubles with the Instant Saxon.  I emailed Mike about it but have not
>  heard from him.   The older version of Instant Saxon 5.2 did work.


Thanks for the response. It is a comfort to know that others have had similar 
problems. It seemed *so* basic I just couldn't figure out why it wasn't 

You got it ... I was using Instant Saxon. Can the older version of Instant 
Saxon still be downloaded, do you happen to know?

One of the things I noticed when examining the version of InstantSaxon 5.3.2 
is that it refers to Java 1.1.4, which seems pretty elderly now. That may be 
wholly a red herring but I thought I would mention it.

As I understand it the full version of Saxon ought to work on Windows too so 
I will download that and  give it a go.

Andrew Watt

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