Re: Saxon Frustrations

Subject: Re: Saxon Frustrations
From: Carlos Araya <elrond@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 10:35:58 -0700 (PDT)

Please see my comments inline.


On Wed, 21 Jun 2000 AndrewWatt2000@xxxxxxx wrote:
|Since I recently purchased Michael Kay's book on XSLT I decided to have a 
|first dabble with Saxon. However, to cut a long story short, it won't work. 
|At present I am trying to get Saxon to handle the transformation of the 
|Hello.xml example on p.17 and on of Michael Kay's book. Hardly high powered 
|stuff. :)

First things first. Did you put saxon.jar and your saxon directory in your
CLASSPATH environmental variables? If you don't do that, then you would
have to declare the classpath at runtime and that's a royal pain for me. 

Also,  what JDK are you using? I know for a fact that Saxon will work with
1.1 and 1.2 versions of the JDK. When I started I was using Kaffe that was
based ona 1.0.5 version of the JDK and it ran without major problems. 
|Saxon produces nothing - including HTML files of length zero. No HTML on 
|screen when run with just hello.xml and hello.xsl. And zero length HTML files 
|when I attempt to produce them.

What command are you using to run Saxon? What works for me is:

java com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet -t hello.xml hello.xsl
|When I used the XML file which included the stylesheet reference the page 
|title of the generated HTML page appeared correctly in Internet Explorer but 
|the content of the <greeting> tag was nowhere to be seen.
|I have checked for all the possible errors I can think of. It was 
|straightforward to get the xsl to transform the  XML using e.g. XMLWriter. My 
|guess is that the problem with using Saxon is some incompatibility internally 
|somewhere between versions. The problem may hinge on namespace declaration. 
|Saxon seems to insist on "xmlns:xsl=""; 
|which is supposedly newer than the mapping which XMLWriter (1.21) uses - 
|"";. Yet when I use Saxon's version of the mapping 
|absolutely nothing is produced. is an old namespace that was supported by
earlier versions of IE. As of preview technology 3 they all should be
supporting " as the xsl: namespace. I
haven't used much IE XML so I may be wrong?
|I am using Saxon 5.3.2 (which doesn't work). The transformation which did 
|work used XMLWriter 1.21, IE5.0 with the May 2000 issue of MSXML. I wonder 
|whether upgrading to IE5.5 might solve some of my problems but would that 
|also solve the non-functionality of Saxon on this trivial piece of code?

Are you using instant saxon? The examples above are for the full version

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