Re: Outputting "entire nodes" 2

Subject: Re: Outputting "entire nodes" 2
From: Warren Hedley <w.hedley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 13:23:16 -0400
Ragnar Schierholz wrote:
> If you want to allow the author of the document to enter some text to
> appear in the generated HTML and also allow him/her to include
> HTML-formatting such as tables, images, links, etc. this seems to me to
> be an appropriate way. Could you do this with XHMTL???

So you are including HTML output from document authors in your XSL?
This seems an odd way to do things. The idea is usually to separate
your input document from your stylesheet.

Either way, your author should mark up their document in XHTML which
is essentially just well-formed HTML. If you then use

<xsl:output method="html">

in your XSL, a conformant processor will transform this to regular
HTML 4.0 by doing things like converting <img /> to <img> and condensing
some attributes like <dl compact="compact"> to <dl compact>.

This moves your documents towards valid HTML, by forcing authors to
enter well-formed code (your stylesheet or input document won't load
unless this is the case). You also future-proof yourself a bit by
having documents in XML, which you'll be able to send out directly
as soon as browsers catch up,  and be able to perform other
transformations on that data to get out other formats (for instance
I had a stylesheet that converted an (X)HTML table into semi-colon
separated text which I could load into Excel).

Warren Hedley

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