Dynamic conversion from XML to HTML & WML

Subject: Dynamic conversion from XML to HTML & WML
From: Vinay Jaiswal <jvinay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:30:39 -0000

 I have written stylesheets for creating WML & HTML files statically from XML using XT. WML files
 can be directly displayed by microbrowser (Nokia Wap Toolkit) and HTML files can be
 displayed by any browser. Now, I am working on dynamic conversion of HTML and WML from
 XML depending upon the browser. I need to host only one XML page on server and it can be 
 browsed by any browser or microbrowser. 

 I would like to know how you are doing and welcome your suggestions in this regard.

 Warm regards,

 Vinay Jaiswal
 Cognizant Technology Solutions 

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