Checking for existence

Subject: Checking for existence
From: "alex chang" <shortestpath@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 08:22:35 EDT
I have xml that looks like this:
<ae-id n="1" rows="0" idval="5/30/00" idurl="5%2F30%2F00">5/30/00</ae-id>
<ae-desc n="2" rows="0" idval="2" idurl="2">ROL</ae-desc>
<ae-id n="3" rows="0" idval="04156" idurl="04156">04156</ae-id>
<ae-id n="4" rows="0" idval="JBS TRADING SA" idurl="JBS+TRADING+SA">JBS
TRADING SA</ae-id>
<st-header cols="1"></st-header>
<st><mv n="1" uf=""></mv></st>
<st><mv n="2" uf=""></mv></st>
<st><mv n="3" uf=""></mv></st>
<st><mv n="4" uf="953598.26">953,598.26</mv></st>
<st><mv n="5" uf="976433.798566">976,433.80</mv></st>
<st><mv n="6" uf="607138.063695972">607,138.06</mv></st>

What I want to do is to print the text of all the children of <row-header>, but only if <st-header> does not exist. So in the above, I would -not- print anything. Is there a way to do this?

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