[xsl] Theoretical question

Subject: [xsl] Theoretical question
From: "Handren Mokri" <handren@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 22:32:28 +0100

I have some theoretical questions about XSL. I cannot find answer for them.
I really appreciate any help.

1- Is XSL protocol independed?

2- Reference from one element to any other element in the resided document
or outside of it. I mean, if IDREF(s)
supports in XSL so you can refer to some element from a certain element,
provided that the IDREF is defined in the DTD file?

3- Structural preservation: How treats an input xml document by xsl. XSL is
a tree -to- tree query and transformation language, but, is it as an
ordered -or unordered tree, both the input and output xml document treats by
Are node ID remains the same while they pareses by processors?
Dose XSL preserve the same documental structure for the input XML document
and maintain the same order or structure even in the output file?

4- Universal and existential quantifiers "If one or all nodes in a certain
collection fulfil some condition, like exist in SQL": dose they supports by

5- Dose XSL has support for infinite or finite definition, that is to say,
if cycle may appear in the XSL structure or not?.

6- What about the Null values, how xsl works or behaves in relation to it?

Thank you in advance
Handren Mokri

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