[xsl] comparing the valie of an attribute..

Subject: [xsl] comparing the valie of an attribute..
From: "Eduardo Dominguez" <edmz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 15:21:43 -0600
Having a xml log file with the following format:

<event time='0.00000' place='function' line='95' delta='0.0'
type='debug'>Program started</event>
<event time='0.00437' place='unknown' line='???' delta='0.00437'
type='error'>Bad argument</event>
<event time='0.00670' place='GetResourcesByType()' line='217'
delta='0.00233' type='query'>SELECT DISTINCT defs.id_resource as
resource_id, defs.vc_description as description,  defs.vc_path as

as you can see, its just a list of events, thats all there is.
I am learning xsl, so I decided to implement my debugging with it.
I have my very basic xsl files that converts this data into an html table.
What I am trying to do now, is put a row in diferent color depending
on the type attribute.
I tried with xsl:choose, but I just couldnt use the attribute value
for comparison.

Any help achieving this is appreciated...

thanks for helping a newbie :)

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