Re: [xsl] Hyphenation in XSL FO

Subject: Re: [xsl] Hyphenation in XSL FO
From: Gustaf Liljegren <gustaf.liljegren@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 13:16:51 +0100
Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

>TeX does it at three levels
> - with patterns, for 80-90% of words
> - a list of explicit exceptions compiled in
> - a per-document set of exceptions

Very good. That must be the ideal.

>so, you have to build up your exception list. I promise, it works.

Okay, but I'm still concerned about the missing hyphenation-list(s) feature
in FO. Seems you were sceptical about the implementation of
hyphenation-exceptions in DSSSL. Is that due to the time it would take to
process the list at run-time?

>have a look at the TeX Book, it'll point you at the research by Knuth
>and Liang

I will. I read on Knuth's page that there was a new edition coming, but
can't find it at Amazon yet, so I'll wait a little more. But generally, I
hope that some implementation of FO will be able to do the same work in the
near future.

Gustaf Liljegren

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