[xsl] Hyphenation (in XSL FO and elsewhere)

Subject: [xsl] Hyphenation (in XSL FO and elsewhere)
From: Michel Goossens <Michel.Goossens@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 17:19:27 +0100 (MET)
For more explicit info on TeX' hyphenation pattern calculation, etc. see
the web documentation of the PATGEN program on CTAN

in systems/knuth/unsupported/texware/patgen.web

For hyphenation (with TeX, but the main points probably also apply more
generally) there is a series of articles in TUGBoat by Petr Sojka, who
discusses aspects that are not optimally treated by the Liang approach.

Petr Sojka "Notes on Compound Word Hyphenation in TeX", 
            TUGBoat 16(3), 290-297 (1995)
Petr Sojka and Sevecek "Hyphenation in TeX - Quo vadis?", 
            TUGBoat 16(3), 290-289 (1995)
Petr Sojka "Hyphenation on demand", 
            TUGBoat 20(3), 241-247 (1999)

I do not know where these articles can be most easily picked up from. 
The email of Petr is sojka@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

For multiple languages, Yannis Haralambous wrote a tutorial also available
on CTAN in info/patgen2.tutorial

For HTML Bert Bos wrote a short article, see the URL


PS. CTAN is any of the nodes in the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network,
    which is most easily reached via http://www.ctan.org. For
    instance choosing "search" you can find files via a keyword.

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