[xsl] test multiple parameters or just write a new template?

Subject: [xsl] test multiple parameters or just write a new template?
From: sue butler <sbutler@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 16:11:03 +0000

I've been working with XSL for a few months now and can do must things. There is one issue that crops up a lot, though, and I'm not sure of the best way to solve it.

I am doing lots of template calls so that I can make my code as flexible as possible. Often I find that I could reuse a template, except I need to alter it slightly. Say I can't do this by simply overriding it, because I need it to function slightly differently in the same file. Is it better to parameterize one template and test the parameter to select desired behavior, or should I just be writing an entirely new template? Sometimes the behavior differs in four ways, say, and the template has other parameters, so there gets to be a lot of testing and parameter-passing going on.

I'd send the code, but there's lots of other stuff going on in it, so maybe the example below will be enough.

I have a template that creates an HTML form allowing users to create a hyperlink in their user account.
The template is in its own stylesheet and gets imported whenever I need it.
Generally the importing stylesheet uses this Hyperlink template two or more times (so I can't do a blanket override of the behavior I need to change)
It has four text fields: link name, link title, URL, and icon.
That works for one case.
In another case I want the URL text field to be a drop down list of user's exising links, but other fields remain the same.
I already have to pass in two parameters and execute a choose statement to determine whether I'm creating a new link or modifying an existing one. This is why I'm not sure if I should do yet another test or just write another template.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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