[xsl] Xalan C++ and string literals in ATTLISTs

Subject: [xsl] Xalan C++ and string literals in ATTLISTs
From: "Michael Beddow" <mbnospam@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 17:25:25 -0000
Anyone here using the latest C++ version of Xalan on Linux?

For me it's giving a fatal error on any DTD where an ATTLIST
contains a string literal. The exact error point reported is the
linefeed character after the closing angle bracket of the 
ATTLIST definition, no matter where in the list the string
literal comes.

Same files work fine with the Java version.

I've searched the xalan-c and xerces-c dev archives but no mention
of this. I know I should really post to one of those lists, but
before I put my head over that parapet, I thought I'd check
here, since it seems more likely that I'm doing 
something strange than that such a huge bug could have
gone unnoticed.
Michael Beddow

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