[xsl] tables in xsl:fo

Subject: [xsl] tables in xsl:fo
From: Ulf Carlsson <ulf.carlsson@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 21:14:51 +0100
> Good day,
> I have working with converting html to xml and then further into pdf
> documents using XEP and am having a slight problem.
> I currently have quite a lot of text in a database of which all has to be
> converted to pdf. Every single text contains a table with quite a few
> columns which have been spanned irregularly in order to get the looks
> right and my problem lies in the fact that the xsl:fo does not seem to
> support a totally dynamical column width as html does.
> An example is that if I have a row consisting of 5 columns which have been
> spanned over two columns looking something like :
>   <td colspan="1">Hello world </td> <td colspan="4">Hello Galaxy </td> 
> the first column will get wordwrapped eaven if there is enough space to
> display both of them in a single row.
> The solution that I have found is to shift one column over to the first
> one so that the result looks like :
>   <td colspan="2">Hello world </td> <td colspan="3">Hello Galaxy </td>
> The problem with this is that there is no clear pattern to follow so I
> cannot do the shift programatically but have to shift them by hand.
> The amount of texts I have to convert is around 9000 so doing this by hand
> is not really an option as it would take me from now to christmas 2005.
> If there is anyone that has a solution to this I would be increadibly
> grateful, and would eaven consider putting up a buddha statue with the
> persons name under it and worshipping it daily.
> With best regards
> Ulf Carlsson

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