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Hello everyone,
  I have posted twice on this list but have not gotten any feed back. I am
new to xsl and fop but managed to produce some results.  Now I have a
challenge that I am stuck finding good solution.  I get xml data form
database and need to produce pdf forms.  Depending on the data, I may need
to produce multiple pdf forms but in one pdf file i.e multiple pages.  My
data looks like the follwoing:
each <DL> node set should populate into one page of the pdf file.  I am
trying to use <xsl:for-each> but does not seem to work.  Can any one have
ideas?  Thank you for your help.
My xsl is as follows:
<xsl:template match="/>
<xsl:tempalte match=://DL">
  <xsl:for-each select="DL">
This does give multiple pages of pdf doucment but does not populate withe
the right information i.e it does not chang ecurrent node.
Thank you,
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