[xsl] New nntp news group for xsl-fo discussion

Subject: [xsl] New nntp news group for xsl-fo discussion
From: "Randall Parker" <randall@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 12:53:15 -0800
In the belief that nntp-based news groups have many advantages over e-mail based discussion lists and HTML-based discussion forums I asked a friend who runs an nntp server to create a news group on it 
for XSL-FO discussions. 

Since the Mulberry XSL list is so overwhelmingly for XSLT it seems to me that a place specifically for XSL-FO was needed anyway. Well, why not have it be something that news readers can access and 
have the benefit of being able to display discussions with full properthreading by subject?

So if anyone here is interested point your news reader at news.barkto.com and check out the news group called homeless.xml.xsl-fo. You will find it empty as it was just created minutes ago. 

That is not the only news group on this news server.

About news.barkto.com: Its operated by an ISP in Ohio called nls.net and in particular by George Roettger who is their chief administrator. That news server has been there for a couple of years and was 
originally set up to give a bunch of Compuserve refugees places to discuss topics as Compuserve shut down a few forums there. George also runs http://www.nthelp.com and has an NT/Win2k news group 
on news.barkto.com that has attracted quite a few more advanced NT/Win2k sys admins.

Anyway, this is a very stable news server and you can expect it will be there for years to come. Come on over and bring your general xsl-fo discussions. If you know other places to forward this message 
then please do so.

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