RE: [xsl] New nntp news group for xsl-fo discussion

Subject: RE: [xsl] New nntp news group for xsl-fo discussion
From: "Max Dunn" <maxdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 18:13:27 -0800
> If volume is increasing, perhaps Mulberrytech might think
> again about running a seperate list for XSLT-FO?
> Regards DaveP

Great idea (and was whenever it was first suggested).  This xsl list is the
best list in the history of listserves, but it has a definite XSLT bias.  It
would be interesting to see how many participants actually use FO at all.

There is definitely a subset of "XSL" users who are interested in only the
transformation part, and there is also a subset that are more focused on
(and/or more eager to receive e-mails on an instant basis about) FO.

I would think it best if Mullberrytech either changes this to cover just
XSLT (referring FO to the eGroups site) or starts an FO list.


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