Re: [xsl] recursion questions

Subject: Re: [xsl] recursion questions
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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:25:30 -0500
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 16:50:26 -0800
From: Robert Koberg <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [xsl] recursion questions
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Thanks Frank,

But that uses the MSXML. I am using Xalan (company standard) to do the
transformation. Also, the one I modified (see link below) is a
cross-platform/cross-browser dhtml/js solution that does not require frames.

The DHTML/JS code is available at:
click on JavaScript Collapsible Lists

But, I got it working. My brain was not working when I tried my first
template (which I spent about 2hrs on...).  I left it alone for a few hours
and got back to it, started fresh, and finished in about 10 minutes.


 From: "Frank Neugebauer" <neuggs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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 Subject: Re: [xsl] recursion questions
 Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 22:26:05
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Didn't get a chance to answer some of your specific questions. However,
 one possibility for the exp/coll "tree" list is XTree mentioned here a few
 days ago.

 I'm working with it now and although the XSL and XML seem to be tightly
 coupled, I think there's potential to decouple them.

Hope this helps somewhat.

 Frank Neugebauer

>From: Robert Koberg <rob@xxxxxxxxxx> >Reply-To: xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >To: xsl-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >Subject: [xsl] recursion questions >Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 07:31:24 -0800 > >I am having a problem understanding how to build some JavaScript for an >exandable/collapsible list similar to a directory tree. If anybody can >help >it would be greatly appreciated. I could include what I have been trying >XSL-wise but it would probably be more distractive to the end goal. I >cannot figure out how to build a recursive template to handle the
 >XML (the desired output follows):
 ><section role="level1" folder="root" label="Test">
 >      <page id="1"/>
 >     <section role="level2" folder="XSLXML" label="XSL/XML">
 >          <page id="2"/>
 >          <section role="level3" folder="XML" label="XML">
 >              <page id="3"/>
 >              <page id="4"/>
 >         </section>
 >         <section role="level3" folder="XSL" label="XSL">
 >              <page id="5"/>
 >               <page id="6"/
 >         </section>
 >     </section>
 >     <section role="level2" folder="JSDHTMLCSS" label="JS/DHTML/CSS">
 >        <section role="level3" folder="JS" label="JS">
 >         </section>
 >        <section role="level3" folder="DHTML" label="DHTML">
 >        </section>
 >        <section role="level3" folder="CSS" label="CSS">
 >        </section>
 >     </section>
 >    root = new List(true, width, height, bgColor);
 >    root.setFont("<FONT FACE='Arial,Helvetica'
 >      root.addItem("page id=1");
 >      XSLXML = new List(true, width, height, "#EEEEEE");
 >      XSLXML.onexpand = colorize;
 >      XSLXML.setFont("<FONT FACE='Arial,Helvetica' SIZE=-1'>","</FONT>");
 >        XSLXML.addItem("page id=2");
 >        XML = new List(false, width, height, bgColor);
 >        XML.onexpand = colorize;
 >        XML.setFont("<FONT FACE='Arial,Helvetica' SIZE=-1'>","</FONT>");
 >        XML.addItem("page id=3");
 >        XML.addItem("page id=4");
 >      XSLXML.addList(XML, "XML");
 >        XSL = new List(false, width, height, bgColor);
 >        XSL.onexpand = colorize;
 >        XSL.setFont("<FONT FACE='Arial,Helvetica' SIZE=-1'>","</FONT>");
 >        XSL.addItem("page id=5");
 >        XSL.addItem("page id=6");
 >XSLXML.addList(XSL, "XSL");
 >    root.addList(XSLXML, "XML/XSL");
 >      JSDHTMLCSS = new List(true, width, height, "#EEEEEE");
 >      JSDHTMLCSS.onexpand = colorize;
 >      JSDHTMLCSS.setFont("<FONT FACE='Arial,Helvetica'
 >        JS = new List(false, width, height, bgColor);
 >        JS.onexpand = colorize;
 >        JS.setFont("<FONT FACE='Arial,Helvetica' SIZE=-1'>","</FONT>");
 >        JS.addItem("Some JS stuff");
 >        JS.addItem("Some more JS stuff");
 >      JSDHTMLCSS.addList(JS, "JS");
 >        DHTML = new List(false, width, height, bgColor);
 >        DHTML.onexpand = colorize;
 >        DHTML.setFont("<FONT FACE='Arial,Helvetica'
 >        DHTML.addItem("Some DHTML stuff");
 >        DHTML.addItem("Some more DHTML stuff");
 >      JSDHTMLCSS.addList(DHTML, "DHTML");
 >        CSS = new List(false, width, height, bgColor);
 >        CSS.onexpand = colorize;
 >        CSS.setFont("<FONT FACE='Arial,Helvetica' SIZE=-1'>","</FONT>");
 >        CSS.addItem("Some CSS stuff");
 >        CSS.addItem("Some more CSS stuff");
 >      JSDHTMLCSS.addList(CSS, "CSS");
 >    root.addList(JSDHTMLCSS, "JS/DHTML/CSS");
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