Re[2]: [xsl] Advise on xsl usage producing very complex html

Subject: Re[2]: [xsl] Advise on xsl usage producing very complex html
From: viewga <viewga@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 10:50:59 +0200
Hello David,

Wednesday, January 31, 2001, 8:43:21 PM, you wrote:

>> Don't really understand how this can help, but ... anyway
DC> It didn't really (mainly because the output was too abbreviated to see
DC> how it was supposed to be generated from the input)
maybe a problem with my english...

thats not a question on how can i make a my html from my xml with my

the question is: what is the best practice(s) to use complex, not
readable html, prepared by people without xsl knowledge and not
supposed originally for use with xml/xsl pair to make it work in
(dynamic xml)/(presentation xsl) workflow with the minimal cost etc...

i saw an way of making templates (imported from other file in every
template onsite) hiding design tricks. this way i think will be also
not very good for team - so i ask "any other ideas".

i bet any example xml and html will not help to answer this question ...

Best regards,
 viewga                            mailto:viewga@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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