[xsl] Can I use XSL to output multiple files [slices]

Subject: [xsl] Can I use XSL to output multiple files [slices]
From: Yusuf Goolamabbas <yusufg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 18:28:15 +0800
Hi, I am looking to see if its possible to use XSLT to write
multi-lingual HTML documents

For e.g If I were to provide an input XML document consisting of the
same string in different languages
<greeting xml:lang="en">Hello</greeting>
<greeting xml:lang="fr">Bon Jour</greeting>

I would like to write a single XSL file which can generate multiple
files or the appropiate language HTML file if I were to pass it as a

Is this possible, Any pointers would be appreciated 
Regards, Yusuf
Yusuf Goolamabbas

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