[xsl] Passing parameters to jakarta xsl taglib

Subject: [xsl] Passing parameters to jakarta xsl taglib
From: "Peter McEvoy" <pmcevoy@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 15:21:06 -0000
I've been using the Jakarta xsltaglib and have had little success passing parameters to a
stylesheet.  My code is:

<xsl:apply xsl="/xml/static_numbers.xsl?office=Dublin">
  <xsl:include page="/xml/static_numbers.xml"/>

When I don't specify the office (and set a default param value in the stylesheet), everything works.
However when I try the above, or when I pass the param in the request for the jsp, it just gets
ignored or crashes the JSP.

Any ideas?

Anyone know of a different XSL taglib out there (free or otherwise) that would allow me to pass
params in?

C Ya,

Peter McEvoy
Senior Technical Analyst
IONA Technologies

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