Re: [xsl] open-source XML-database

Subject: Re: [xsl] open-source XML-database
From: Uche Ogbuji <uche.ogbuji@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 11:59:26 -0700
> currently, I'm working on the following project:
> we serve the data about dental products to the web by
> storing it in an "XML-portal-server"
> and by then selecting, sorting, and transforming it
> with XSLT to HTML.
> The XML-DB-server claims to store the data as
> preparsed objects,
> ("... lightening-fast queries, even across extremely
> large content sets.")
> so the performance is increased: the XSLT-processor
> doesn't have to parse several hundred XML-docs each
> time a user-request is made from the site.
> What would be a free, open-source solution, that
> stores large amounts of XML-data in a way that makes
> it accessible quickly?
> apache + PHP + saxon + ?

Might I suggest 4Suite Server?  We're finalizing version 0.10.3 (probably out 
on Monday), which will even have a complete API for XML repository queries 
from XPath.  Imagine doing your XML repository operations from good ol' XSLT.

Anyway, the version 0.10.3 release will also support XPath, XSLT, RDF, XLink, 
XPointer, XInclude, HTTP, WebDAV, and limited SOAP right in the repository.

It's implemented in Python, but it can be accessed from the command line 
(Windows or UNIX), XSLT, HTTP, as well as Java, C++, Perl and any other 
language via CORBA.

The back-end XML storage can be PostgresQL for efficient and scalable storage.

And look out for the 0.10.3 release announcement on this list early next week.

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