RE: [xsl] International Characters in attributes

Subject: RE: [xsl] International Characters in attributes
From: Jo Bourne <venus@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 14:01:57 +1100

I don't really understand enough about encoding to be sure that this info is pertinent to the question at hand, but we have had problems with the encoding set in our documents effecting what was displayed in the browser. We are currently using cocoon 1.8 (with xalan) using the one of the built in output formatters (formatter.type.text/html/loose  = org.apache.cocoon.formatter.HTMLFormatter). This formatter was by default setting encoding to UTF-8 in the headers of our output html and we found that this caused a number of very strange problems with Netscape on a Macintosh. Fonts would not display correctly and any forms submitted from a page with this encoding would have strange special characters randomly added to the end, in particular data entered into textarea fields.

I assume this is a bug in netscape for mac, but never the less it was a situation where encoding was directly effecting what was being displayed in the browser.


>Two points. Firstly, the encoding only affects what happens when you "view
>source" on the HTML, it doesn't affect what is displayed by the browser.
>Secondly, Xalan (at v2) uses the TrAX API, which allows you to set output
>properties such as encoding from the application (using setOutputProperty()
>on the Transformer object). This gets round the fact that the encoding
>specified in xsl:output must be a constant.
>Mike Kay
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