[xsl] XML Piping Between Backend Tools or Dynamic XSL binding???

Subject: [xsl] XML Piping Between Backend Tools or Dynamic XSL binding???
From: "Ray Lukas" <rlukas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 16:05:05 -0500
I am new to XML/XSL... but I think that I have some understanding of what
this is all about at least a very simplistic view. I am planning on using
these technologies in the classic sense as an integration layer in a
framework, which integrates several backend tools together. Ie I plan to use
XML as a mechanism to achieve data independence, and XSLT to transform the
output format of one tool in to the input format of another. Kind of like a
I am planning on constructing a wrapper for each tool, which accepts XML
based requests and fires back XML responses. In the simplest case, which
does not actually reflect my situation. Tool A would start and the output
from Tool A would go to Tool B, Output from Tool B would go to Tool C. You
get the idea, yes? No real need for XSLT here the output of one tool is
always the input to the next tools. There is not variability in the pipe.
Well fortunately for the human race we cannot replace the humans with
computers at least not yet (although some of us might like to on a certain
days). You see the situation for this conundrum is that the output from any
tool can become the input to any other tool. That is what the human is there
for, thank God for chaos, or is that free choice? Anyhow...
What one might do is construct several XSL files. AB.xsl takes output from
ToolA and mutates it into the input needed by ToolB. AC.xsl takes output
from ToolA and mutates it into the input format for ToolC, and so on and so
on. I am not all that comfortable with generating the required number of xsl
files if we start to get a lot of tools. I am not so sure that this is a
great idea; this is a design question after all so you can take some
liberties in your answer, well answers....
So you probably see where I am going with this. I always have the same
output format from any given tool. ToolA always generates a ToolA type
response, ToolB generates a ToolsB type response, ect.... But, I need to
apply different XSL transformations dynamically.
In my thinking I could get back a Java string with the XML result, figure
out what tools the user wants to send it to, and then prefix that string
with the correct <xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=bla bla bla..... and then pass
that into the destination tool (well it wrapper), which the user selected.
And basically keep doing that until we are done.
Is that how this kind of thing works?
Also can I "hold" the required stylsheets in memory and refer to them
directly as opposed to a URL or disk. You know kind of like one would pool
connections to a database. What would the syntax look like for the
<xsl:stylesheet .....> element? Hummm.
Is there any trick that I can do to minimize the horrific number of XSL
files. I mean this could grow to biblical proportions and easily kill us.
Does anyone have the blue prints for an ARK????
Well I image that this question will generate some interesting responses.
Let me thank you ahead of time.
Ray Lukas

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