Re: [xsl] Microsoft CLR (was: XSLT 1.1 comments)

Subject: Re: [xsl] Microsoft CLR (was: XSLT 1.1 comments)
From: Elliotte Rusty Harold <elharo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 19:01:30 -0500
At 5:48 PM -0600 2/13/01, Stu Bloom wrote:
Adam Van Den Hoven wrote:

So I stand behind my statement but I'd really like a Microsoft body confirm
or deny what I believe is true.<

From, with my
additions in [brackets]:

"A second obvious benefit of MSIL [Microsoft Intermediate Language] is that
it decouples your EXEs and DLLs from any specific operating system or
hardware platform. Microsoft currently has plans to ship a version of the
CLR [Common Language Runtime] for Windows 2000, Windows NT®, Windows 98, and
Windows 95. However, MSIL is powerful because it gives your DLLs and EXEs
the potential of running on platforms other than those based on the Intel
x86 processors.

"You are likely to see a version of the CLR for Windows CE in the near
future. It is also entirely possible that you will see implementations of
the CLR built for other operating systems and hardware platforms as well."

That sure sounds like Microsoft's definition of cross-platform: it runs on five different versions of Windows.

And, from

"Once written and built, a managed .NET application (that consists entirely
of managed code ... ) can execute on any platform that supports the .NET
common language runtime. It is even possible that a version of the common
language runtime could be built for platforms other than Windows in the
future. Users will immediately appreciate the value of this broad execution
model when they need to support multiple computing hardware configurations
or operating systems."

Translation: Somebody might do this, but we won't. And frankly we doubt it's possible. And even if it is possible, we're going to teach everyone to rely on the Windows API that isn't available elsewhere.

ANSI C source code is pretty cross-platform compatible these days, but outside of CS101 classes, nobody would try to ship an app that didn't use anything but the standard C library.

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