[xsl] [ANNOUNCE] XSLT-process 1.2 available

Subject: [xsl] [ANNOUNCE] XSLT-process 1.2 available
From: Ovidiu Predescu <ovidiu@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 02:15:51 -0800
XSLT-process is a minor mode for (X)Emacs that allows you to invoke an
XSLT processor of choice on a buffer, displaying the result in an
additional buffer. Currently supported processors include Xalan 1.x,
and Saxon 5.x and 6.x. Cocoon 1.8.x, an XML publishing framework, is
also supported through its command line interface. Support for other
Java XSLT processors could be added easily.

The homepage of XSLT-process is located at:


Changes since 1.1

This is the list of changes since the 1.1 release.

* Added support for the TrAX interface, thanks to Allan Erskine
  (mailto:a.erskine@xxxxxxxxxxxx). Currently Saxon 6.2 and Xalan2
  have been tested. The TrAX interface caches the XSLT stylesheets
  in the processor driver in a compiled form, so the speed of the
  processing is increased.

* The mode is now running with GNU Emacs on Windows NT/2000, thanks to
  Allan Erskine (mailto:a.erskine@xxxxxxxxxxxx) for figuring out the

* Changed again the keyboard binding, this time to `C-c C-x C-v', as
  `C-M-x' doesn't work on Windows systems.

* The documentation has been reorganized a little bit to be more

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