Re: [xsl] "expected markup declaration" error

Subject: Re: [xsl] "expected markup declaration" error
From: "Dave Gomboc" <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 13:56:08 -0700

It hadn't occured to me that adding the DOCTYPE to define some character
entity references would cause Saxon 6.2 (with built-in parser AElfred)
to attempt to validate the document.

For historical reasons, the content is already being validated against
an SGML DTD (which contains exclusions and inclusions) before I attempt
to transform it.  The data itself is well-formed XML.  I'm just looking
at Saxon's documentation to see if I can tell it not to validate the
document.  Hmm, at the
AElfred parser is discussed:

    Subsetting the code to include only the XML non-validating parser
    and SAX driver, with appropriate changes to the setFeature() and
    getFeature() methods.

It seems that AElfred as part of Saxon is already non-validating.  There
goes that theory out the window. :-(


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From: "Jeni Tennison" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I think that Saxon displays the 'looking for stylesheet PI' message
> while it's parsing the source XML - it parses it first into a node
> tree and then looks for the PI within that - but I could be wrong.
> Mike will obviously be able to confirm.
> That, and the message when the PI was removed, are what led me to
> think it was a parse problem with the element start tag. Ahh...
> perhaps it's that there's no !ELEMENT declaration for the root
> element? Perhaps Dave's using a validating parser and it's complaining
> because the DTD isn't complete? Dave, have you tried checking that the
> XML document on its own is well-formed (and valid) XML?

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