RE: [xsl] Q on XML 2 XML/plain text

Subject: RE: [xsl] Q on XML 2 XML/plain text
From: "Frank T. O'Connor" <foconnor@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 22:25:12 -0500
Use View Source in a browser to view a non-HTML compliant document (like
a pure XML tree, or plain text). Note, the Text part of the tree will
display in the browser as-is. But you must use View Source to see the
complete tree.

As an alternative you can use a browse like IE5+ which has a built in
stylesheet for XML files, and will translate it into a nice DHTML page
where each branch and be collapsed/expanded.


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Subject: [xsl] Q on XML 2 XML/plain text

dear pplz,

At the moment, all I know about XSL is transforming XML to HTML, and we
see the results using the browser eg. ie5.5.  What if I wanted to
XML into XML or just normal word text doco? HOW/WHERE can I view the
results?  Can you save it in a file? I don't think you can view the
translated XML/text doco result in the browser (actually not sure about
doco, but pretty sure you can't for XML).  Can anyone pleaz tell me how
view the XML/text results?

thanx in advance! :)


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