RE: [xsl] Q on XML 2 XML/plain text

Subject: RE: [xsl] Q on XML 2 XML/plain text
From: Rosa I-Ting Cheng <Rosa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 16:28:51 +1100

do you mean that when I view the result(s) in the browser, and click on view
source, I can see the NEW XML/text and not the original XML? because the
view source seems to display the XML before transformation if you're
transforming XML to HTML. and this is not the case for XML to XML/text doco?


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Subject: RE: [xsl] Q on XML 2 XML/plain text

Use View Source in a browser to view a non-HTML compliant document (like
a pure XML tree, or plain text). Note, the Text part of the tree will
display in the browser as-is. But you must use View Source to see the
complete tree.

As an alternative you can use a browse like IE5+ which has a built in
stylesheet for XML files, and will translate it into a nice DHTML page
where each branch and be collapsed/expanded.


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From: Rosa I-Ting Cheng [mailto:Rosa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Sunday, February 25, 2001 8:48 PM
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Subject: [xsl] Q on XML 2 XML/plain text

dear pplz,

At the moment, all I know about XSL is transforming XML to HTML, and we
see the results using the browser eg. ie5.5.  What if I wanted to
XML into XML or just normal word text doco? HOW/WHERE can I view the
results?  Can you save it in a file? I don't think you can view the
translated XML/text doco result in the browser (actually not sure about
doco, but pretty sure you can't for XML).  Can anyone pleaz tell me how
view the XML/text results?

thanx in advance! :)


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