[xsl] RE: XSL and White Space help PLEASE

Subject: [xsl] RE: XSL and White Space help PLEASE
From: "Gutti, Sridhara" <sgutti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 11:44:00 -0500
Thanks for that & I will try it. It would be nice if you can be of less
critical of group members, the reason I send it to multiple groups is
because there are large pool of people, and I can get more
ideas/suggestions, do you have anything to loose if I send it to multiple
groups, am I wasting any one's bandwidth?? I'm sorry but it's not nice of
you in each post to say something about my posting, I have been noticing
it... For God sake I'm not a spammer nor posting some unrelated porno
messages etc, I see 100's of messages which are sent to both the groups, the
only reason is, because some people check XSL group, some others checks XML
group, I wanted to get different ideas, is not that the very idea in sending
these posts, out of my 5 yrs of user groups life, no one has ever came up
like this except you.. Hope you understand what I mean..


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Subject: RE: XSL and White Space help PLEASE

Gutti, Sridhara wrote:
> Paul, 
> Is there anyways to make it work like that, I'm getting bunch of
> from database and creating an XML and in XSL I want to append all of those
> attributes seperated by a white space, that's where I want to insert the
> white space, I want to show the results in a html table. Is there any
> solution for that??
> As you pointed out, it might be working but in html it is not showing the
> white space at all.....


Why don't you read the answers to your own message???

In an answer to your message
I said:

: If you'd be producing white-space in a html text, in many contexts it is
: ignored by the browser.

: If this is the case use &#xA; or enclose your white-space containing text
: the <pre>, <q> or <blockquote> tags.

Later I made a correction -- the non-breaking space character entity
reference is

So, why don't you give a try to these three types of HTML tags + the

Is there any sense in sending the same message to different forums and not
attention to the answers? 

Dimitre Novatchev. 

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