Re: [xsl] RE: XSL and White Space help PLEASE

Subject: Re: [xsl] RE: XSL and White Space help PLEASE
From: "Thomas B. Passin" <tpassin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 11:27:46 -0400
> > 7) &#160; isn't legal in all encodings.  Make sure you are using an
> > for which it is acceptable.  Too bad, some browsers (especially older
> > don't interpret these encodings the same way.

[David Carlisle]
> For both the html and xml output method, the XSL system must
> output &#160; as a legal construction no matter what output encoding is
> specified. (If 160 is in the encoding, it may use character data,
> otherwise a numeric character reference or a named entity reference (eg
> &nbsp;) will be used.
> For the text output method (or a non standard output method) it may not
> be possible to output characters that are not in the output encoding.

Thanx, David

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