[xsl] Column-count property for <fo:block>

Subject: [xsl] Column-count property for <fo:block>
From: "Gustaf Liljegren" <gustaf.liljegren@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 16:40:03 +0200
Just one more question today... :-)

The XSL FO spec says that "column-count" does only apply to
<fo:region-body>. However, in one publication that I have been working on to
transfer from PageMaker to XSL, there are exceptions that would make it
useful to have this property in <fo:block> and <fo:block-container> aswell.

The format of the book is A4, the text is about 10pt times, divided in 2
columns. The problem is that sometimes a table need to cover the whole width
of the page, so you have to switch from 2 columns to 1 right in the flow! I
haven't been able to do this. Is there any way to handle it?

Best would be if I have overlooked something, but an answer like "we don't
handle exceptions like that in XSL" would be useful too.


Gustaf Liljegren

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