[xsl] Producing Excel spreadsheet from XML data

Subject: [xsl] Producing Excel spreadsheet from XML data
From: "MacEwan, James (Information Services)" <James.MacEwan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 11:28:49 -0500

My question is of the general architectural type, similar to the one about
Quark yesterday.

I am investigating populating an Excel 97 spreadsheet with an XSLT
transformation of existing XML data.  I would like to produce the
spreadsheet file as an enhancement to an existing batch process on a (DONS

Similar to the answers about Quark, I suspect that an XSL solution that
directly produces a pretty, formatted spreadsheet will be really ugly if not
impossible under Unix.

Instead will I have to implement a three step process?  (1) call an XSL
script to transform my input XML into an output document (say a CSV text
file) that contains the desired data. (2) FTP the output document to my NT
server (3) write VBScript to import the output document into the pretty
Excel spreadsheet.

Does anyone have any comment on the appropriateness of the above approach?
Are there any better suggestions?

BTW:  I had a look at the Microsoft site at the Office XP product
and it looks as though this version of Excel separates data from
presentation.  Is this true? 
If so then I could choose to do the XSLT processing on Unix to produce an
XML document.  My users are not likely to be on this version of Excel for a
long time, so it does not appear that I can take advantage of this
technology any time soon.


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