RE: [xsl] I was a wondering

Subject: RE: [xsl] I was a wondering
From: Adam Van Den Hoven <Adam.Hoven@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 10:25:26 -0700
> > Has anyone in there wanderings around the web see anything that
> > would generate the xsl stylesheet given the input xml file
> > and output xml
> > file.???
> > If there's not one out there im gonna have to write one 
> myself and the
> > prospect is not appealing.

> What do you mean, you want different output if the input changes in
> unpredictable ways? In that case the task is no longer trivial, it is
> impossible.

I suspect that what our poor beleagured friend really wants to do is take
two schemas (DTD what ever), specify one as being the source the other being
the target, draw a few lines between different bits of each, hit "GO" and
have a brand spanking new XSL Transform that would be the starting point for
a fully functional transform. 

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