[xsl] Bug Sorting Zeros

Subject: [xsl] Bug Sorting Zeros
From: "Schwartz, Rechell R, NLCIO" <rrschwartz@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 09:23:28 -0400

I just tried sorting a list of numbers using Xalan for Java and found that
the value of zero did not sort where I expected
it to. In fact it appears that it was treated as though it was not a number.
Is this a bug in Xalan or is this how zeros are treated
in all XSLT processors? Following is the list that I sorted and the results
of performing 2 sorts:

BEFORE THE SORT: 0,1,2,3,4....52,TOTAL
AFTER THE SORT (ascending order): 0,TOTAL,1,2,3,4....52
AFTER THE SORT (descending order): 52,51,50......3,2,1,0,TOTAL

Also, is there a way to cause non-numerical values to appear after numerical
values, instead of before? Similarly, when sorting
strings is there a way to cause numerical values to appear after all string
values instead of before?

Rechell Schwartz 

P.S. If anyone received this message, I apologize. I am re-sending because I
never received a copy of this message after
I sent it out.

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