[xsl] Applying two transformations consecutively

Subject: [xsl] Applying two transformations consecutively
From: "Griebel, Peer" <Peer.Griebel@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 16:48:50 +0200

I do have two .xsl transformations in two files which should be applied
consecutively. The first xsl file includes something like
  <xsl:template match="ELEMENT">
The other xsl file includes a rule which operates on the same ELEMENT. I
could call xslt two times for each of the two files. But I would like to
merge these files for speed resons to call xslt only once.
If I use xsl:include only the rule defined last will be applied. What I
would like to have is that the rule of the first file is executed first and
the result is fed to the second rule.

Is it possible?
Thank you!

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