RE: [xsl] character encoding with MSXML3

Subject: RE: [xsl] character encoding with MSXML3
From: "MacEwan, James (Information Services)" <James.MacEwan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 09:48:58 -0500
Joshua asked, "What's the scenario that makes the actual character
> unacceptable and requires use of the entity from HTML DTD?"
I thought that the ALT-130 character was something a non-Microsoft browser
running on a non-
Windows operating system might have trouble with and that putting out
&eacute; was a better bet for a public web site with users running
who-know-what. (i.e. that practically every HTML compliant browser would
render the &eacute; character correctly.) 

Perhaps a more fundamental question that I need answered is is the &eacute;
output better than the ALT-130 character (or are the two equivalent for any

Since no one else has answered the original question in my post,  I am
beginning to suspect that there is no configuration setting to have have
MSXML3 machine render &eacute instead of ALT-130 in HTML output.

Other comments would be appreciated.


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