RE: [xsl] Passing Variables to XSL Templates

Subject: RE: [xsl] Passing Variables to XSL Templates
From: "Joshua Miller" <josh.miller@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 12:57:05 -0400
Why do my transforms fail using IE?
How do I run XSLT transforms automatically from code?
How do I run XSLT transforms within Internet Explorer?
Why do I need to use a different XSLT namespace with Internet Explorer?
How do I install the updated MSXML on my machine?
I know I have installed the most recent MSXML processor; why is my
application not using it?
When will Microsoft ship a 100% compliant XSLT processor?
Does IE5.5 include a newer XSLT processor?
The newest MSXML processors available for download say that they are not
supported.  How can I use these if they are not supported? [Obsolete]
Why is the MSDN online documentation for XSL so different from the W3C XSLT
Where does Microsoft provide documentation about compliance of MSXML?
How can I call MSXML from the command line to do batch processing of XSLT?
Why doesn't MSXML support XML Schema (XSD) or, Why did Microsoft make their
own version of schema (XDR)?
What do I do if I already wrote lots of XSL using the old IE version of XSL?
Why do I sometimes have problems including a document from a URL (or what's
this talk about async vs. synch)?
When will server-side HTTP be reliable under heavy load?
I need to use the node-set() extension function, but MSXML doesn't seem to
have it.
How do I dynamically change the stylesheet associated with my XML file from
How does Internet Explorer format XML files in a collapsible view, and how
can I modify this behavior?

Exactly which one of these items refers to my problem? I've looked at this
FAQ 9 times today and can't seem to see the *obvious*

Joshua Miller
Web Development::Programming
Eagle Technologies Group, Inc.

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> Ok, so assuming I upgrade to XSLT ... then how would I do it?

See the MSXML FAQ at

That's the fourth time I've typed that URL today...

Mike Kay

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