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From: "Michael Fitzgerald" <mike@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 11:57:44 -0700
&#xa0; is Unicode and ISO 8859-1 for non-breaking space. In HTML most of us
are accustomed to using &nbsp;, but to use this reference in XML, you have
to declare it in a DTD, such as in an internal subset:

<!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [
<!ENTITY nbsp "#160">

You have options. How you use these -- &#160;, &nbsp;, &#xa0; and your
$space -- is often a matter of taste. I usually go with what will take the
fewest keystrokes over time.

See also

Good luck,

-Mike Fitzgerald

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Hi all,

I am using &#160; in my sheets to insert a whitespace-
however, in Michael Kay's excellent book, I came
across &#xA0. They look like they do the same thing,
but which is a more standard way of inserting an
&nbsp; in the resulting HTML?

Also, do you think doing the following approach is
better than the previous ones?

<xsl:variable name="space">
<xsl:value-of select=" ' ' " />

Now use $space to insert up to one space character in
the resulting HTML.

I know this is not a very serious issue (meaning my
implementation does not depend very heavily on the
resolution of this issue) but any guidance will be
greatly appreciated.


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