RE: [xsl] dynamic sorting

Subject: RE: [xsl] dynamic sorting
From: "Max Dunn" <maxdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 13:38:56 -0800
Hi Danny,

Yes, I'm afraid you're stuck with some scripting beyond pure XSLT to do
what you want.

See for example:

This example uses JavaScript and will unfortunately only run in IE6 or
IE5+ with a recent version of MSXML.



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Subject: [xsl] dynamic sorting

Hi all,

I have been searching the archives for an answer to my question, and I'm
very surprised I didn't find anything.

The problem I have relates to sorting columns in a table diplayed in the
browser.  Lets say my table has the folowing columns: Name, Age, City,
Country, etc...  I want the user to be able to click on any column name
re-sort the results by his/her criteria.  I have been trying to figure
how to do this, but it seems to me that the XSL template would have to
created dynamically.  Can I do this kind of sorting strictly in XSL, or
do I
have to use some kind of scripting language (JavaScript, VB Script)?

Thanks in advance,


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