[xsl] ANN: XSLT Standard Library Version 1.0

Subject: [xsl] ANN: XSLT Standard Library Version 1.0
From: Steve.Ball@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 09:47:48 +1100
Version 1.0 of the XSLT Standard Library has been released.

This version includes a number of additions to the string
module, in particular a template that performs globbing
style string matching.

Announcement follows:


        XSLT Standard Library

        Version 1.0

The XSLT Standard Library is a collection of commonly-used
templates written purely in XSLT.

This initial release is to promote the library, establish
the engineering standards for the library and also acts
as a Call For Participation.  Anyone who has useful XSLT
templates that feels that they may be of use to a wide
range of XSLT developers and applications is invited
to submit their templates for inclusion in the library.


Method 1: Unpack the distribution (see below) and 
include or import either the main stylesheet, stdlib.xsl, 
into your own stylesheet or include/import individual stylesheets 
as needed.

Method 2: Import or include the main stylesheet, or an
individual stylesheet, directly from the project website.
Main stylesheet: http://xsltsl.sourceforge.net/xsl/stdlib.xsl

See http://xsltsl.sourceforge.net/ for further instructions.

xsltsl uses XML Namespaces, so there's no need to worry about 
clashing template names.


Gzipped tarball:       
Zip archive:           


xsltsl is a SourceForge project.  Contributions are welcome.
Any contributed code must use the LGPL license to be accepted
into the library.

Project Page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xsltsl/

Project Web Page: http://xsltsl.sourceforge.net/

There are three mailing lists for the project:

        Discussion of the use of xsltsl.
        Discussion of the development of xsltsl.
        Project announcements.

Bug reports are most welcome, and these may be submitted via the project
Web page.


xsltsl is LGPL'd.


Project Manager:        Steve Ball, Zveno.  Steve.Ball@xxxxxxxxx
Developers:             Stuart Hungerford, Zveno. 
                        Leo Monus, Zveno.  Leo.Monus@xxxxxxxxx
                        Jason Diamond.  jason@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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