[xsl] Whitespace between character entities deleted

Subject: [xsl] Whitespace between character entities deleted
From: "Ingo Mittendorf" <Ingo.Mittendorf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 13:01:58 -0000
I've got the following problem and can't find a solution for it. Perhaps
someone has encountered the same problem and could tell me what to do:

After the XSL transformation spaces between character entities in the XML
file are gone in the HTML output (both in the display and the source text).
So, for instance, French

    envoy&eacute; &agrave;    ["sent to"]

ends up as one word.

Further background info:

The replacement strings for the entities are in hexadecimal code.

Display of the character entities themselves in the HTML is correct.
However, the source text contains varieties of capital A with tilde plus
something else.

I am using XMLSpy with the MSXML processor.

Browser is IE 6.

OS is Windows 98.

I've played around with different encodings in all files involved (XML, XSL
[both in the XML declaration and the encoding attrbute], Browser), and it
didn't make the slightest difference.

xsl:preserve-space has no effect whatsoever either (but then for some reason
it never has had any on anything).

Inserting &nbsp; between the character entities helps, ie


gives the correct result (two words with a space between them in both
display and source).

I would be grateful for advice.

Ingo Mittendorf

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