Re: [xsl] create several js-functions

Subject: Re: [xsl] create several js-functions
From: Jeni Tennison <jeni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 10:37:10 +0000
Hi Nathalie,

> I have to generate from one xml-file two outputs in one html-file
> (for javascript-functions.) In both functions, the order in which
> the elements are stored in the xml must be maintained. But every
> function needs to choose different elements.
> Both functions have to refer to the same predefined templates.
> How could this be done?

Could you send a few more details about what you're trying to do? An
example of an XML file and an example of the HTML file (or JavaScript)
that you're trying to produce would be very helpful. As would any XSLT
that you've written so far.



Jeni Tennison

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